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  Equine Transport License


General Information and Frequently Asked Questions on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Horse Transport Qualification and Certificate of Competence.

Does everyone transporting horses need to have a certificate of competence?

No, only those transporting horses' distances of over 65kms and in relation to economic activity need the certificate.

Does everyone transporting horses over 65kms in relation to economic activity need to have a certificate of competence?

No, this requirement does not apply to one person transporting one horse, or two people transporting two horses, using a horsebox and vehicle, where the welfare of the horses is the responsibility of those people.

Does everyone on the vehicle with the horses need to be certified as competent?

No, legislation requires only one certified competent person per vehicle.

Do I have to take this qualification if I am transporting my own horse to a competition?

This qualification is required under legislation for those transporting horses in connection with economic activity only. If you are transporting horses to compete as a professional then you are required to hold a certificate. If competing is a hobby then you may in some circumstances (travelling overseas) be required to prove that this is the case.

If a veterinarian tells me to transport my horse to a veterinary practice or clinic do I have to be certified?


Do I only need the certificate of competence if I am transporting horses for other people?

No, you may need the certificate even if you are only transporting horses for yourself, as this may still be for economic activity and distances of over 65kms.

How do I get the certificate of competence?

1. Check locations and dates available, choose location and date of course/exam and download application form (www.agriculture.gov.ie/animaltransport)

2. Send application form with choice of location and money to RACE

3. Receive confirmation of exam date, location and workbook from RACE

4. Read through information and workbook

5. Attend Training Course and sit a 30 question multiple choice exam (combined total of approx 2 hours)

6. Receive notification and certification from RACE if successful

What is the cost for the qualification?

The cost is €225 for the course and exam, to include registration, workbook, exam, corrections, certification, regardless of location

Is there a reduced rate for group bookings?

Yes. The following discounts apply for group bookings :
5 to 9 people  5%
10 to 19 people 10%
20+  15%

What is the content of the exam?

The content of the exam is based around the new legislation, when you apply for the qualification you will be sent a workbook which summarises this information for you.

How long does the course and exam take?

A combined total of approximately 2 hours

If I fail the test, can I take it again?

Yes, tests can be taken again by arrangement with RACE.

How long is the certificate valid for?

Five years

Are a mare and her foal travelling together considered as two animals?

No, a mare and foal may be considered as a single unit.


If I have difficulties reading, can I take the exam?

Arrangements can be made for a reader to be available at exams held at RACE, advance notice to RACE is essential.

If English is not my first language can I take the exam?

Arrangements can be made for the questions to be read for you in English for exams held at RACE if you cannot read English, but you must be able to understand the questions and course material to successfully complete the exam, advance notice to RACE is essential.

If I am travelling overseas, but not in relation to an economic activity do I have to have a certificate of competence?

No, but you may be required to prove that the journey is not in relation to an economic activity.

Can I transport my registered mare and her foal from where she foaled to an alternative location (eg back to my home place) if the foal has a wet navel or is not seven days old?

Yes you can.

Can I transport my in foal mare to the ‘Mare in Foal' Sales if more than 90% of her pregnancy has passed?

According to the regulation you cannot transport a mare for whom more than 90% of her pregnancy has passed.

Current Exam Dates
TBC.  Please contact RACE on 045 522468 for further information.

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